Advertising photography

Professional advertising photography

Photographs according to your ideas and creative proposals

Of course we can arrange pictures with all services. From creative design to the actual shooting, including production, DTP, models, styling, visage.

Product and image advertising photography

There is no problem to use the mobile studio and your photo shoot in different environments, whether by you or in rented premises. Production will ensure the necessary props and everything necessary to create a promotional photo.


Prices :

Kind of photos Time Num. Price
Image / fashion photos 2-3 hr. 1-5 pc 98 EU
Product photos 1/2 hr.  1 ks 8 EU
Catalog Photo 1 hr. 1 ks 30 EU

Prices are approximate because they each have different ideas and you need to choose a personal approach to advertising photography.

For specific prices please contact the photographer.