Portrait photos

Professional portrait photography

Photos for CV, linkedin, facebook, professional and family photos. Artistic or informative processed photographs according to your needs and requirements. Photographic retouching and layout your photos included. There is no problem to provide a stylist or makeup. 

Portrait photography is to capture the form of one or more persons in the photo. The aim is to show the picture appearance, personality or mood portrayed both through visual and informative picture.
If it shows a man in the best light, highlights and showing off of myself that good.

Pricing photographic portrait:


Type of photo Time Num. Price:
Clasik – CV, portfolio, dokuments 1 – 2 Hr. 2 37 EU
Image – illustration, sports, profile 1- 2 Hr. 4 57 EU
Extras – incl. make-up artist 4-6 Hr. 12 155 EU