Wedding photographer

Professional photo reportage of your wedding

The wedding day is for you both memorable and repeatable experience difficult.

Professional wedding photos according to your wishes and ideas. Unforgettable experience of your wedding professionally captured in the photographs you certainly will always remind these beautiful moments. Photos of the wedding ceremony, group wedding photography, reportage photography and the stylized picture of the newlyweds, all this certainly belongs to every good marriage. As a professional wedding photographer I approach each wedding individually and shoot my photos tailored to the needs and wishes of the wedding party.

Price list:

Product Time Number Price:
Ceremony 2 – ,´3 hr. 40 – 70 pc. 120 EU
Ceremony + lunch 3 – 6 hr. 70 – 130 pc. 170 EU
All day 6 – 12 hr. 130 – 250 pc. 307 EU